I have always known there was an invisible life. A life I had experienced in my mind and in my heart, one that seemed just as real to me as the physical life, one that I could see, hear, taste, and smell as if it were here and now.  I have experienced a dazzling display of pictures of which at times were wondrous and other times I wish I had not seen.  
At an early age my mother had a psychic party in our home and at that point I had my first taste of a spiritual reading from a woman that was so tuned in.  I can still remember the guidance, predictions, love and support she had provided for me.  Something to this day, stays in my heart. I have studied metaphysics for many years and have had and continue to have the guidance of many spiritual teachers. I have been Blessed and continue to be Blessed to have had and continue to have such an array of such wondrous spirits. I have been certified in many different fields and tend to stick with Psychic Readings, Mediumship,Tarot Cards and certified Reiki Master.
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